Drawing by an actual Cranbrook & District 4-H member. Cuts may vary by name.

Meet the 2020 Producers


My name is Avery Waswick, I am 10 years old and go to the Jaffray school but

I live in Wardner. I have been in 4-H for 3 years and have been doing animals for 2 years. My first animal project was a pig named ‘’Lucky 13’’. 

He was 299lbs! The second year/this year I did a lamb named ‘’Olaf.’’ Olaf is very friendly and likes to follow me around, I predict that he weighs about 100lbs. My family and I have been raising lambs and recently pigs on our farm, my favourite is the lambs. 

I also participated in the Foods project this year. I would like to thank Elk Valley Precision &Cab Company for purchasing my lamb this year.


Hello my name is Zoey Waswick and I have been in 4-H for six years. I go to Jaffray school and live in Wardner. I’ve done 4 lambs and 2 pigs in 4-H. Last year my pig ‘Porky’ weighed in at 325lbs and I won rate of gain. I think this year’s pig ‘Snortis’ will weigh in close to 300lbs. My lamb this year is called ‘Vince’ and he has lovely markings and loves to hang out with my sister’s lamb ‘Olaf” I think Vince will weigh 100+ pounds this year. My family and I raise lambs and recently some pigs. I am not a big fan of speeches but my mom says they are good for my resume. One of my favourite things about 4-H is foods, l love cooking. I would like to thank Kootenay Granite for purchasing my lamb this year. Thank you to the hog buyers this year as well.

Kelly GOOD.jpg

Hi! My name is Kelly Graham and I'm 14 years old. I'm in grade 8 at Jaffray Elementary Secondary School. This is my 5th year in 4-H and my 4th year in market lamb. This year I decided to name my lamb Jerry. Jerry is one of the bigger lambs that I have raised. He loves to run and chase my chickens. I wanted to name my lamb Jerry because we have two roosters named Jerry and I couldn't think of anything else. Last year at Show and Sale I won Grand Champion, Best Groomed, Best Rate of Gain, 1st Junior Showman and overall Showman. This year I am hoping for some of the same success with my 2020 Market Lamb Jerry. 

Josh G.jpg

My name is Josh Gregr. This my 5th year in SCCC. I am 11 years old and I go to the Jaffray School. This is my  3rd year in lamb. My lambs name is Lamb Chop. I think he will finish around 135lbs. My other 4-H projects are small engines and foods. My hobbies include Geology and video games. Thank you to Dr. Michael Stuckey for supporting South Country Crafts and Critters and purchasing Lamb Chop this year.

avery d.jpeg

Hi, my name is Avery Dyer and I am 14 years old. This is my 6th year in 4-H, I was in clover buds for one year. This year my projects are lamb, sewing and crafts. My sheep’s name is Ottis and he is more of a dog than a sheep. He follows me everywhere and can’t stand being alone. He loves to eat grass and roam in the fields behind our house. I love my sheep and I am glad to have him! I would also like to  thank Barry and Judy-Lou McDonald for buying my sheep and hope you stay safe in these times.

Ava Murdoch Lamb 2020.jpeg

This is my 4th year in 4-H and I decided to raise another lamb named Edwin.  Edwin’s final weight was 91 lbs.  I did a good job of training my lamb this year but it is always a lot of work to groom a lamb.  I would like to thank Tammi Crosson for purchasing my lamb this year.  Thank You!

Alex Bishop Lamb 2020.jpeg

This was Alexa’s 1st year in 4-H and she raised a lamb named Sherman.  She worked hard to get Sherman halter trained and did a great job of grooming him for weigh-in day.  Alexa’s lamb finished at 99 lbs.  Alexa would like to thank Nonie Johnston for purchasing her lamb this year.


Cianne has completed her 2nd year in 4-H and this is her 2nd lamb project.  Cianne’s lamb started out smaller than all the other lambs but she has worked hard this year to raise a successful project.  She would like to thank Lotic Environmental Ltd. for purchasing her lamb this year.

Meet the 2019 Producers

Hi, my name is Paula! I have been in the Cranbrook 4-H multi club for 2 years now.

I have been taking care of 2 sheep in my years of 4-H, at the moment I have a black sheep and his name is Oreo.

Oreo was born December 22, 2017. He is an El de France Romney cross, and I was very lucky to get him.

Oreo will be one of the two black sheep at the show and sale of the Cranbrook Multi Club, which takes place at the Wycliffe Rodeo grounds on June 3, 2018.

Hi my name is Tate and I am 9 years old. This is my first year in 4H and I am doing the Ewe Project.  My lamb’s name is Sparky.  I love animals and want to live on a farm when I grow up.

My name is Natasha Siewert and I am with the Cranbrook 4-H Multi Club. I have been in 4-H for 7 years and this year I am doing a market lamb project. His name is Tuft and he is a tall sheep. I raised him from my own flock. The mother was one of my ewes that I used for previous years ewe projects. I would like to thank my last years buyers, and I hope to see you at show and sale!

Hello my name is Joshua Gregr and I have been in South Country Craft and Critters 4H club for 3 years. This is my 1st project Lamb  His name is Wall-E Mammoth and he weighs approximately 42lbs. My goal is to have him weigh a minimum of 80lbs for Show and Sale. I will be showing him in Showmanship as well as marketing him in the auction.  

My name is Erica Ralston. This is my first year in 4H and I have been in Cloverbuds for 2 years too. I plan to show my sheep named Nibbles. We picked Nibbles and Angel a buddy sheep up at Grasmere this year. I was inspired to do a sheep project by our neighbor Andrea Lockhart  who was in 4H a few years ago. I like to take my sheep for a walk on the lead up my street with my friend Avery.