Drawing by an actual Cranbrook & District 4-H member. Cuts may vary by name.

Meet the 2020 Producers

Hunter W Swine.jpg

Hunter Wilson- Bio coming soon

Emma W SWINE.jpg

My name is Emmadeia Wilson, and this is my fourth year in 4H. I am 12 years old and love lasagna.
This year in 4H my projects are, Swine, Small Engines and Heifer.
I love 4H because I enjoy learning new things and with 4H you can learn so much. I learned how to halter, wash and show my heifer this year!
4H is so much fun, between the camp outs and wrestling cows there is nothing better.
Thank you 4H,
Emmadeia Wilson

Payton H Swine.jpg

Hi, my name is Payton Hutchinson and this is my 3rd year in 4-H. I am 9 yrs old and I go to Jaffray school. 
This is my first year doing a beef and a swine project.
My hogs name is Alfred, I think he will finish around 250lbs.
My other 4-H projects are sewing and horse
My hobbies include reading, and playing with my chickens, and I really love sewing now also.
Thank you to Marian Gravelle, Shayne Soetaert Prof. Corp., Mongoose Machinery, and David and Pearl Brown for buying my steer this year!

Sawyer H Swine.jpg

My name is Sawyer Hutchinson. I am 12 yrs old and go to Jaffray School.
I have been in 4-H for 5 years now.
This is my 4th beef project and my first hog.
My other 4-H project is small engines.
My hobbies include dirtbiking and hockey.

Chris G.jpg

My name is Chris Gregr. This is my 5th year in SCCC. I am 15 and I go to the Jaffray School. This is my 5th year in swine. My pigs name is Pork Chop. I think he will finish at 285lbs. My other 4H projects are small engines and foods. My hobbies include music, gaming and biking

Ronan O Pig.jpg

Hi I’m Ronan Oestreich. 
I am 9 years old and I live in Grasmere BC. I am in grade 4 and go to jaffray school. This is my first year in 4 H with the South Country Crafts and Critters. 

I have 2 animal projects this year:
This is my pig named buddy (but my dad calls him rodeo pig) He gets excited really easily and loves scratches. 

I also was in the beef club this year and foods too. 

I have had lots of fun in 4H this year and am excited for next year.




Hello my name is Zoey Waswick and I have been in 4-H for six years. I go to Jaffray school and live in Wardner. I’ve done 4 lambs and 2 pigs in 4-H. Last year my pig ‘Porky’ weighed in at 325lbs and I won rate of gain. I think this year’s pig ‘Snortis’ will weigh in close to 300lbs. My lamb this year is called ‘Vince’ and he has lovely markings and loves to hang out with my sister’s lamb ‘Olaf” I think Vince will weigh 100+ pounds this year. My family and I raise lambs and recently some pigs. I am not a big fan of speeches but my mom says they are good for my resume. One of my favourite things about 4-H is foods, l love cooking. I would like to thank Kootenay Granite for purchasing my lamb this year. Thank you to the hog buyers this year as well.

Brooklyn Clark.jpg

My name is Brooklyn Clarke. I'm 10 years old and I'm with the South Country Crafts and Critters. I'm in Market Hog. My pig's name is Wilbur. He is a Duroc cross, he was born on December 29. His starter weight was 50 pounds and now he weighs 325 pounds. We purchased him from Sunset Hogs in Pincher Creek.
This is my third year in 4-H. I'm in market hog and sewing. I love 4-H because it pushes me to do greater things and have greater responsibilities. I've never had as much self confidence as I did when I said my speech. I can’t wait to show my pig at Show and Sale next year!

Taylor Clarke.jpg

My name is Taylor Clarke. I'm 12 years old and I'm with the South Country Crafts and Critters. I'm in Market Hog. My pig's name is Corky. He is a Duroc cross, he was born on December 29. His starter weight was 46lbs and now he's 339lbs. I won rate of gain this year. We purchased him from Sunset Hogs in Pincher Creek. Thank you Teck Coal for buying my pig!

I’ve been in 4-H for four years. I'm in market hog, sewing and small engines. Last year I won Jr Showman and Grand Champion Market Hog. I love 4-H because it opens me up to so many new people, activities, responsibilities and learning opportunities.

Also, thank you to HMS Logging Company for buying my last year's pig.

Donald Lippert.jpg

Hi my name is Donald Lippert and I am 14 years old and have been in 4H for 3 years now. My pigs name is Willy P and his starting weight was 50lbs and he finished at 290lbs. He is a Duroc cross from Sunset Hogs in Pincher creek. I would like to thank 

Apex accounting for purchasing my pig for the second year.

Meet Previous Producers

Hello my name is Chris Gregr and I have been in South Country Craft and Critters 4H club for 3 years.

This is my 3rd project Swine.   His name is Babs and she weighs approximately 70lbs. My goal is to have her weigh a minimum of 200lbs for Show and Sale. I will be showing him in Showmanship as well as marketing him in the auction.  

My name is Cassidy, I have been in 4-H for 5 years and participated 3 years in Cloverbuds and 2 years in Swine.

This year my pig’s name is Gus, he is a Duroc/Landrace/Large White Cross. He was born December 4, 2017. I bought him on February 4, 2018 and he weighed 50 lbs.

4-H is a great program because it teaches you public speak, judge, how to take care of an animal, and much more.

I take care of my animal very well, he eats a great hog grower and will be a wonderful pig to put in your freezer on June 3, 2018.