Club Updates

We would like to give Columbia Basin Trust a huge thank-you for helping us get our storage containers painted. Also a great big thank you to the everyone that helped to make this happen, Heather, Sue, Laura, Kelcee, Bonny, Sarann, Tanya, Kelly and member Payton.

reefer 4.jpeg
beef 6.jpg
beef 5.jpg


Beef Weigh-In 4.jpg
Beef Weigh-In .jpg
Beef Weigh-in 9.jpg
Beef Weigh-in 8.jpg
Beef Weigh-In 2.jpg
Beef Weigh-In 5.jpg
Beef 2.jpg
Beef 3.jpg
Beef 4.jpg


Swine 11 .jpg
Swine Weigh-In 4.jpg
Swine Weigh-In 5.jpg
Swine Weigh-In 6.jpg
Swine Weigh-In 7.jpg
Swine Weigh-In 8.jpg

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living 7.jpg
Outdoor Living 8.jpg
Outdoor Living 9.jpg
Outdoor Living 10.jpg


Sewing 1 .jpg

Emma Wilson working on her 2020/2021 sewing project

Sewing 2.jpg

Small Engine

Small Engine 1.jpg

Hunter Wilson working on a truck as part of Small Engines. 

Chris Gregr's 2020/2021 Small Engine project.

Small Engines 3.jpg
Small Engine4.jpg
Small Engine 5.jpg


Cloverbud fun in November of 2020. Learning how to start fires with only a match. 

Cloverbuds 10.jpg
Cloverbuds 9.jpg


sheep 2.jpg
Sheep 3.jpg
sheep 5.jpg


horse 2.jpg
horse 3.jpg